Energy certificate for vacation rentals

An energy certificate is a document that provides information about the energy efficiency of a building and its CO₂ emissions. Vacation rental owners could include or exclude the energy certification, as they saw fit, but now it is mandatory not only to have it, but to include it in the advertisements of the property on booking platforms.


There are homes that are exempt from having this certificate:


Detached vacation homes and apartments of less than 50 m².


Temporary buildings that are not being used or will not be used for a period of at least 2 years.


Buildings that are to undergo renovations.


Buildings used for less than four months a year or for a limited period of time per year and whose energy consumption is less than 25% of the total energy used over a whole year.


If our home does not comply with these rules, we will need energy certification.


To obtain it, we will generally have to follow these steps:



Find a qualified building energy efficiency technician or professional and request an inspection.


The professional will process the data collected during the inspection to calculate the energy efficiency of the property. This will be translated into an energy rating in the form of letters (A-G). He will then issue the energy certificate.


Once the technician has issued the certificate, all you need to do is register it with the appropriate local authority depending on the location of the property.

The pet becomes a guest

Spain is one of the European countries with more dogs, and even has more registered dogs than children under 14 years old. They are one more in the family, therefore, they also go on vacation.


There has been a tendency to travel with pets. Most establishments charge a supplement for it. More and more are adapting their offer with specific services, such as:



– Campgrounds: Being an open space, it has always been easier to include pets, but they have also increased their Pet Friendly seal, creating specific areas for them.



– Rural houses and villas: As they are usually fully rented, the inclusion of pets is easier, and they often have outdoor space where dogs can play.



–  Apartments: They are usually rented individually, but they are usually smaller spaces, where the common areas are shared with the rest of the apartments. In this case, they are adapted for all of them.



– Hotels:  Hotels in this case have been the last to adapt to this demand, but many of them have been able to see its benefits. Some of these places even offer additional services for pets, such as special beds, feeders and exercise areas.



In short, these new guests are here to stay, getting the Pet Friendly seal can give us considerable advantages, such as:


Customer attraction, differentiation, generation of additional income and improving the brand image.

Inflation and Tourism

The 2023 tourism is dictated by inflation, which is a generalized and sustained increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. If inflation is high, it can have several effects on tourism:



1. Cost of travel: Higher prices in general can lead to an increase in travel costs, such as airfare, lodging and meals. This could make travel more expensive for tourists and could lead to a decrease in travel demand.


2. Tourist spending: If prices are higher in the tourist destination, tourists may spend less on local activities and shopping, which could affect travel demand and shopping locally, which could negatively affect the local tourism-dependent economy.


3. Travel decisions: Tourists may choose to travel to destinations where costs are lower rather than those with high inflation.

This could change traditional tourism patterns.


4. Hotel industry: Operating costs for the hotel industry, such as energy, food and supplies, could increase due to inflation, which could affect lodging rates.


5. Infrastructure investment: High inflation could negatively affect investment in tourism infrastructure, which in turn could affect infrastructure, which in turn, could decrease the quality of the tourist experience.



Tourism is one of the main drivers of the Spanish economy. This year it will generate 12.3 out of every 100 euros of our economy. Some 172,200 million euros, according to Exceltur data in 2023.

The difference this year, due to inflation, is that domestic tourism is down, but the international tourist and continues to grow strongly.

Government extends the Digital Kit until December 2024

The Digital Kit is extended until December 2024 to continue driving digital transformation across the country!

This revolutionary initiative, which was implemented in 2020, has been hailed as a crucial step towards closing the digital divide and providing equal opportunities for all citizens.

The Digital Kit, which has become an indispensable tool for millions of people, includes a set of electronic devices essential for Internet access and participation in the digital society? With a wide range of tools and resources available, beneficiaries will be able to access online training, specialized advice, discounts on software and hardware, and technical support, among other services.

In addition, the government has announced that significant improvements will be made to the Digital Kit to offer an even more enriching experience. New digital skills training courses are expected to be added, as well as updates and improvements to the online platform.

Measures will also be implemented to improve connectivity in remote areas and provide equal access to all citizens, regardless of their geographic location.


The extension of the Digital Kit until December 2024 comes as a response to the high demand and growing need for connectivity throughout the country. With this decision, the government has reaffirmed its commitment to building an inclusive digital society and ensuring that all citizens have the necessary tools to thrive in the digital age.

The convoluted part of travelers

The integration of this new update on the traveler’s report has caused a lot of discussion. The inclusion of new mandatory information and the change in the form of submission, make it look like a misleading update for many.


These are some of the new data that will have to be added:


From the owners: Cell phone, landline and email.


Regarding the property data, the following will be added: Complete address + zip code, country and town and if the accommodation has internet connection or not.


About the travelers: Usual place of residence, landline and cell phone, email, how many travelers will be staying and what is their degree of kinship…


About the transaction data: Contract data, reference number, date and signature.


Contract execution data: Including date and time of check-in and check-out.


About the payment details: Payment method, card number and IBAN of the bank account. Other than the holder of the payment method, expiration date of the card and date of payment.


Starting at the beginning of 2023, it will be in the process of adaptation until January 31, 2024.


From Bookipro we already have a part of it solved as long as they don’t change it again, which is likely to happen.

With Bookipro you can now chat with Airbnb / Booking customers

We have a new tool in Bookipro. From our PMS we offer the service that will make communication with your customers through Airbnb / Booking easier and more efficient.


What is it about?

Our clients can take advantage of this functionality through our Channel Manager. It allows you to send and receive messages directly from the PMS to your Airbnb / Booking customers.


– Continuous Communication: Keep an active conversation with your customers directly from your Bookipro PMS, sending forms such as Pre-checking or even home access. 📩


– Improved Efficiency: Reduce the need to switch between platforms (Airbnb / Booking), everything can be managed

from a single dashboard. 🖥️


– Connectivity: By moving to communicate with the customer from the same PMS, you can have all the information about the booking or the different possible services, even more accessible. 🔗



Join the community of successful entrepreneurs with Bookipro!


New StartUp rate!

At Bookipro, we believe in the potential of entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps into the exciting world of vacation rental management. That’s why we are here to support you every step of the way. How do we do it? Let us tell you!


– Special Rate: We offer a specially designed rate for entrepreneurs that will get you started on a friendly budget.


– First Level PMS: Access to our PMS (Property Management System) to simplify your daily management. You will have all the necessary tools to start efficiently.


– Configuration Assistance: We help you set up your PMS so you’re ready to go in no time.


– Call Center: You are not alone. We are available to answer all your questions and help you overcome any challenge.


– OTAS Integration: Connect your accommodations with major platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia, Hotelbeds, Google Hotels and Agoda to increase visibility and bookings.


– Simplified Management: A single calendar unifies the availability of all your accommodations.


– Special Modules such as: Housekeeping, Maintenance, Online Check-in, Automatic Reporting to Authorities and Payment Management.



At Bookipro, we are committed to making your entrepreneurial journey easier and more successful. Let us provide you with the tools and support you need to focus on growing your business.


Join the community of successful entrepreneurs with Bookipro!

Bookipro closes a new partnership!

At Bookipro we care about offering the most complete solution for any type of tourist accommodation. Hence our constant effort to create alliances with the different tools and integrations in the sector.



The objective of this alliance with Chekin is to offer our customers the most complete digital solution in the market. Whether for villas, apartments, rural houses, campsites, bungalows, resorts, buildings, small hotels, or even boats. Therefore, if you are tired of the high dedication that your property requires, we recommend you to bet on comfortable and intuitive systems, such as the one offered by this alliance.



With this integration you will be able to enjoy an efficient and automated property management: Online Check-in, Identity Verification, Remote Property Access, Online Payments, Channel Manager, PMS and much more!




Chekin + Bookipro –  The perfect pack!



Now, you can get the perfect package for your tourist accommodation that includes, among many others, PMS and online check-in.

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