Energy certificate for vacation rentals

An energy certificate is a document that provides information about the energy efficiency of a building and its CO₂ emissions. Vacation rental owners could include or exclude the energy certification, as they saw fit, but now it is mandatory not only to have it, but to include it in the advertisements of the property on booking platforms.

There are homes that are exempt from having this certificate:

Detached vacation homes and apartments of less than 50 m².

Temporary buildings that are not being used or will not be used for a period of at least 2 years.

Buildings that are to undergo renovations.

Buildings used for less than four months a year or for a limited period of time per year and whose energy consumption is less than 25% of the total energy used over a whole year.

If our home does not comply with these rules, we will need energy certification.

To obtain it, we will generally have to follow these steps:

Find a qualified building energy efficiency technician or professional and request an inspection.

The professional will process the data collected during the inspection to calculate the energy efficiency of the property. This will be translated into an energy rating in the form of letters (A-G). He will then issue the energy certificate.

Once the technician has issued the certificate, all you need to do is register it with the appropriate local authority depending on the location of the property.