Come to Bookipro and we will assist you as you deserve!

At Bookipro we understand all your problems. For this reason, together with more than 50 professional property managers, and you, our clients and partners, we build the best solution for you. It does not matter if you rent apartments, villas, rural houses, campsites, bungalows, resorts, buildings, small hotels, mobile homes, igloos or even boats or car parks – nor  if you rent 4 or 4,000 properties. Our 360º software is constantly evolving and will cover all your needs, be they PMS, booking engines, channel managers or other services.

We think of everything

We think about you

We automate all your tasks, we connect you with the best complementary solutions on the market and, above all, we listen to you to improve our service every day.

Your guests

Your tenants will always be informed and in permanent contact. They will be able to do remote check-ins, without waiting or queues and can even enter without keys, all from their mobile phone.

Your owners

Give your owners the care they deserve. Have them receive an automatic email after the entry of each reservation. Allow them to access Bookipro through their account user to see their booking calendar, block out dates, or manage payments with the ability to issue their own invoices.




Use our PMS solution + channel manager + booking engine + RMS + CMS.


Automate all management and communication with reservations from creation to check-out and beyond.

Grow your business

Bookipro has been designed to manage small and large companies with a range of up to thousands of properties in order to facilitate the growth of your business.

Connect to the world

Enjoy more than 40 integrated digital services and connect with more than 650 online travel agencies and metasearch engines.


Every month you will enjoy new features that we implement to the software. We are constantly evolving.


We are the only PMS where you can participate in its development by proposing new functions. Together we are better.

What makes us different

Our clients rent from 4 to more than 1,000 accommodations. How many do you manage?

We are the only PMS in the world capable of connecting you with more than 650 online travel agencies through the Top 4 channel managers, if you want, simultaneously.

We are the only vacation rental PMS that also allows you to manage residential rentals to adapt your business to the circumstances.

We connect you to more than 40 complementary services.

We have all the tools you need: a booking engine, PMS, channel manager (we us or externally), CRM (customer management), RMS (automatic price calculation using artificial intelligence), online check-ins and much more.

We automate 100% of the reservation cycle from the entry of a reservation, to communication with the client, online check-in, and finishing with the guest's departure. All automated!


What our clients say about us

Virginia L. (Barcelona)

Executive Manager 

A leading vacation rental company in Barcelona city center

❝We work very comfortably with Bookipro, we always have a very close relationship, communication is fluid, they listen to us constantly and evolve the platform with new functions that are very useful and vital for the business. The proof is that we have been working together for many years and we will continue  for many more.❞

Javier P. (Madrid)

Director of Trading & Analytics at

The largest VR company in Spain

❝The usability of its PMS platform is perfect, and you can quickly see calendars, reservations and all the data you need to manage a large volume of properties and buildings.

Thanks to Bookipro we now have a more efficient management of our bookings and the services we offer.❞

Toni G. (Gerona)


A leading vacation rental company in Costa Brava (Blanes and Lloret de Mar)

❝Bookipro has given us access to the technology of real-time distribution of hundreds of accommodations and with practically no incidents. It allows us to adjust the benefits of the program to our needs in very reasonable times and has greatly improved our results of the direct sales channel. I highly recommend them.❞

Andrea L. (Miami)

❝We managed our reservations with Excel and when we saw Bookipro for the first time we understood that we were outdated and not efficient.❞

Pablo G. (Valencia) 

❝It came from a very simple but limited all-in-one PMS and with Bookipro I saw that we could grow and get much more out of our business.❞

Cristine S. (Paris)

❝Our family runs a resort on some islands in the Pacific. We looked at many PMS tools but none gave us the power and flexibility that Bookipro gives us at a very competitive price. We are very happy.❞

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