Who we are

Bookipro is the fastest growing PMS in most popular destination countries such as Spain

We are looking for vocational rental owners who want to manage their properties quickly and efficiently.


With our platform you will be able to check the availability of your rooms, manage your reservations, check-in, and check-out, manage payments, track your property maintenance, create communication with your guests, and more, all through your computer or even from your smartphone or tablet.


With the cloud incorporation, you will be able to protect your information without the need to install other programs since everything will be synchronized in your user account.

Property Management System (PMS)

With Bookipro you will be able to connect with one or more of the best Channel Managers in the market

Bookipro allows you to manage your residential rentals and properties to adapt your business to any circumstances.


Track your client’s comments, incidents in the reservations, and last work orders, as well as real-time information of your accommodations, calendar, bookings, check-in, and check-out.

Who is Bookipro for?

It doesn’t matter how many accommodations you manage Bookipro adapts to your business:

Large and
medium-sized hotels

Apartments and

Villas and
rural houses

Channel Manager

Connecting Bookipro to the best Channel Managers in the market will help you get the most out of your business

We offer you our own internal Channel with which you can synchronize the information of the best OTA’s in the market.


Synchronize your information bidirectionally with the Channel Managers such as prices, availabilities and reservations of your properties.


All in sync

Connect our PMS + Channel Manager + booking engine + RMS + CMS to get the most out of your business.

Boost your business

Manage up to hundreds of properties simultaneously, allowing you to grow your business.

Join our team

At Bookipro we invite you to participate in our evolution by proposing new features and improvements to our tool.

Full control

Consult in real-time the calendar, customer comments, and any kind of incidents from the moment of booking to the check-out.

Manage your users

Use different user roles to manage the cleaning and basic maintenance services of your apartments.

Connect with the world

Connect our PMS with one or more of the best Channel Managers in the market to optimize your sales and take full benefits from the OTA’s.

Bookipro Suite

What does Bookipro do?

Manage your own, third-party properties or properties owned by different owners and operating in multiple locations.

Provides easy access to the owners, with the information they need to consult of their reservations and/or liquidations.

Improve the communication with your clients. Measure your guest's service quality, level of satisfaction and discounts for their next stay.

Manage Check-in and Check-out easily. Entry check-in with digital or physical scanner from smartphone or tablet.

Invoicing of reservations and extra charges, simple or grouped with the NIF of management company or owners.

Possibility of integration with accounting tools such as Sage or Excel.

Tariff management, seasons rates, promotions and discounts. Also by automated RMS.

Management of apartments by groups, individuals, hotel mode (by categories and units) or by buildings and zones.

Apartment maintenance. Cleaning services, assignment of pre-determined cleaners.

Centralized reservation and availability management into the Channel Manager, integration of our own online booking engine.

Corporate website and integrated content management. Customized user profiles according to their role in the company.

Everything synchronized: OTAs, Channel manager, booking engine, PMS and direct bookings.

Virginia L. (Barcelona)

Executive Manager 

A leading vacation rental company in Barcelona city center

❝We work very comfortably with Bookipro, we always have a very close relationship, communication is fluid, they listen to us constantly and evolve the platform with new functions that are very useful and vital for the business. The proof is that we have been working together for many years and we will continue for many more.❞

Javier P. (Madrid)

Director of Trading & Analytics at BeMate.com

The largest VR company in Spain

❝The usability of its PMS platform is perfect, and you can quickly see calendars, reservations, and all the data you need to manage a large volume of properties and buildings.

Thanks to Bookipro we now have more efficient management of our bookings and the services we offer.❞

Toni G. (Gerona)


A leading vacation rental company in Costa Brava (Blanes and Lloret de Mar)

❝Bookipro has given us access to the technology of real-time distribution of hundreds of accommodations and with practically no incidents. It allows us to adjust the benefits of the program to our needs in very reasonable times and has greatly improved our results of the direct sales channel. I highly recommend them.❞

Andrea L. (Miami)

❝We managed our reservations with Excel and when we saw Bookipro for the first time we understood that we were outdated and not efficient.❞

Pablo G. (Valencia) 

❝It came from a very simple but limited all-in-one PMS and with Bookipro I saw that we could grow and get much more out of our business.❞

Cristine S. (Paris)

❝Our family runs a resort on some islands in the Pacific. We looked at many PMS tools but none gave us the power and flexibility that Bookipro gives us at a very competitive price. We are very happy.❞

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