With Bookipro you can now chat with Airbnb / Booking customers

We have a new tool in Bookipro. From our PMS we offer the service that will make communication with your customers through Airbnb / Booking easier and more efficient.

What is it about?

Our clients can take advantage of this functionality through our Channel Manager. It allows you to send and receive messages directly from the PMS to your Airbnb / Booking customers.

– Continuous Communication: Keep an active conversation with your customers directly from your Bookipro PMS, sending forms such as Pre-checking or even home access. ?

– Improved Efficiency: Reduce the need to switch between platforms (Airbnb / Booking), everything can be managed

from a single dashboard. ?️

– Connectivity: By moving to communicate with the customer from the same PMS, you can have all the information about the booking or the different possible services, even more accessible. ?

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