Bookipro comes with the option of letting you have a website that is totally integrated and optimised for SEO. With our customisable templates you will have a high quality website adjusted for price. In addition, all the information published about your properties will be obtained by PMS. Say goodbye to duplicated information.

Our design team adapts our templates to create the best website adapted to your style, to attract bookings and differentiate you from the competition.

With integrated booking engines you can increase direct bookings and carry out advance payments through TPV Virtual, Paypal, and other payment methods.

Your website will import all the information on prices, availabilities and apartment characteristics directly from PMS send all direct bookings made.With bookipro all your information will be centralised.

Increase visits and conversion ratios to direct bookings thanks to the integrated SEO enginethat will help you in the positioning of your website. You can manage your whole website just from Bookipro.

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