Yes, if you already have a website you can use our API to send bookings from your site to Bookipro or, if you prefer, our design and development experts can create your corporate website and integrate it with Bookipro.

Yes, our design department can create your website with a booking engine so you can rent your properties directly. We can also offer an SEO service to increase visits.

Yes, at Bookipro we have a specialist department in online marketing to create your communication plan to increase your website’s online visibility and to increase direct sales.

Yes, with Bookipro you can define your categories (types of properties with the same characteristics) with the number of apartments available.

Bookipro calculates payments automatically. If you wish, you can even give owners restricted access to the PMS so they can consult their payments, bookings, and be able to block their properties when they are not available to rent.

Yes, with Bookipro you can assign different prices depending on the season, apartment, category, PAX, channel or agency. You can also create offers and discounts.

Absolutely! The integration between the channel managers will allow you to feature your properties in dozens of online agencies like, Expedia, or AirBnB. When a booking is complete, it will synchronise with Bookipro through the channel manager.

Of course! Bookipro connects with the main channel managers and sends them prices and availability so that you don’t have to manage them on different websites. Everything is centralised in Bookipro.

To use Bookipro you just need a browser and an internet connection. You can use it from any device such as Windows PCs, Linux, Max, Tablets and Smartphones.

Yes, we have a highly qualified technical team with experts in creating online touristic solutions tailored to you. We have created vacation rental portals similar to AirBnB and tailor-made PMS applications.

Bookipro is well-established, with more than 8 years of development for important clients from Spain and Europe. Our product was founded in Barcelona during the touristic apartment boom and helped the growth of a tourist apartment manager that is now one of the biggest in Spain. Currently, we have clients managing apartments in over 50 countries.

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