Channel Manager

Experience the integration of our PMS with one or more of the best Channel Managers in the market to optimize your sales and take full benefits from the OTA’s, with complete visibility of calendars, prices, bookings, and occupancies, all automatically.


Enjoy more than 40 integrated digital services and connect with over 650 online travel agencies and online booking engines at the same time if you want.

Booking portals

Synchronize the information with the main online travel agencies

We offer you our own internal ChannelManager that allows you to synchronize all the information from more than 650 online travel agencies and metasearch engines in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.

Multi-channel manager

Through the multi-channel manager connection, you will be able to manage your properties and get the most of your business by integrating our PMS with the leading channel managers in the market.

Benefits of our Channel Manager Bookipro

Bidirectional synchronization with channel managers (sending prices, availabilities and reception of reservations).

Property push to send the channel manager all the information about your properties such as their characteristics, services, amenities, or photographs.

With the multi-channel manager option we connect Bookipro with more than one channel manager simultaneously to take advantage of their channels and rates.

If you want it all in one ( all-in-one ) with ease of use, our low-cost channel manager is your option.

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